Dawn DeVries Sokol


{The Artfest 411}

I’m still dealing with an Artfest hangover. It usually lasts about a week after I get home...trying to get back into the swing of work and all that encompasses my life. It’s somewhat of a fog I move in. While my body is here in AZ, my head is still in Port Townsend. Still traveling the streets of that wonderful, waterside artists community. Hitting Tyler Street Cafe for some awesome soup. The Pizza Factory for YUMMY pie. Wandering into the bead shop for some journal jewelry. Edge to Edge to ooh and aah. And to Swain’s for my comfy, pea-green Privos (below).


But it’s not all about food and shopping. There’s the creativity, the camaraderie, the laughter and the sharing of art. The encouragement, the friendships that renew each year. Finding a familiar face among a sea of ultra-friendly ones and finally meeting a blogger whose work you’ve admired for so long. Yeah, it’s that cool.

Today I will share with you the first couple of classes I experienced. First day was Theo Ellsworth’s Mystery Play Inside. Theo’s work is incredible, and so is he. I sat next to Kathy and we played catch-up, as she moved to Portland a while back. We worked intuitively, pulling out the inner characters of our minds. I fed my Inner Monster with beauty, peace and beads of creativity. All the while doodling, which is my FAVORITE thing to do. Here are my “pages” that came out of the class:






The first and last pages aren’t finished. I need to continue them. But man, I had a GREAT time in that class!

That night we headed to the Bonfire Journaling Party. A group of us (me, Renee, Lisa
and Jill) all joined quiet Heather at a table. Let’s just say, there
was a slight hum in the place when we first burst in, and we really
rowdied up the party! Here we are:


From left to right: Lisa, Taylor, me (WHAT happened
to my chin?!), Renee, Jill, and Heather. We left the building around 9
and walked out into the PITCH-black darkness. Like you couldn’t see a
foot in front of you! We took Michelle Geller back with us (Hi, Michelle!)...

The next day was Judy Wise’s Waxy Layers. Judy is a WONDERFUL teacher, not to mention a truly generous spirit. And the cool thing: she and I graduated from the SAME high school! So we have an alumni connection of sorts. (Carry On, Mesa High Jackrabbits...yes,
I said, JACKRABBITS! You got a problem with that?) I didn’t finish my
piece, didn’t even get to the wax, but I do have wax at home, so I hope
to finish soon. And I’m taking a journaling class from Judy at Art
Unraveled this summer. Can’t wait!

In this class, I sat next to Deb Hardy.
I couldn’t have had a sweeter table mate. She was a bit reluctant for
me to take her picture. But I wanted her in with her artwork. Little
did she know I would post it on my blog...


Isn’t her piece BEAUTIFUL?! (It’s even better in person...) Don’t be mad at me, Deb–I HAD to show this!

Have a GREAT Thursday!