Dawn DeVries Sokol


{And then it was Friday....}

I feel like I’ve totally blown my week. Much to do and I really haven’t even made a dent. Well, that ends today!

This post is a wrap-up of my time at Artfest and will include a prompt. All wrapped into one...how does she do it?!

On Saturday, I took a Watercolor Portraits class from Tiphoni, daughter of Teesha and Tracy Moore, the founders of Artfest. Tiph is an AWESOME teacher...she’s encouraging, really covers the room, and is extremely thorough and clear. She allowed us the option of drawing self-portraits or veggies. I once again expressed to her my inability to draw people, especially myself...She suggested blind-contour drawing for those of us with any anxiety. She said in last year’s class these were some of the most interesting self-portraits. I decided to give it a try. Now, I really feel exposed here, but I’m also somewhat happy with what came out of this just because they are so abstract and you don’t feel that pressure of getting everything just so.



I’ve been exposed to blind contour drawing before, but I’ve never felt this encouraged by it. Basically, you draw your subject while NOT looking at your paper. You can pick up your pen or pencil if you want. I chose not to on the second and third pieces. It’s not meant to be perfect BY ANY MEANS! And it’s the basis of your Art Journal Fridays prompt today!

Using blind-contour drawing, draw an object or yourself. Your main objective is to not look at your paper, but you can look once in a while if you’re really anxious...You don’t have to draw the whole subject. Sometimes it’s even more interesting if you don’t. You can choose to keep your pencil tip on the paper as you draw or you can pick it up once in a while...

Once you’re done, write down your thoughts about the process around your drawing. Feel free to color in, doodle, etc. on your page, maybe even use snippets of paper to collage onto your drawing. This exercise is meant for you to really reach outside of all that you think is GREAT art and to see every line, shape, contour. REALLY look at your object.

Back at Artfest: on Saturday night, attendees are encouraged to submit their work they produced from their classes in the show-n-tell. I really thought about displaying my self-portraits, but never have participated in show-n-tell, so I thought, why break tradition? ;-)

It’s amazing to see the various work of the week. I love it when a lot of students from one class display their work near each other so you can really get the feel of the class and how different everyone perceives things.

I really feel like I got so much out of this year’s classes. Each one really pushed me and also allowed me to have fun. I am so grateful to all my teachers, to my friends who I laughed and cried with, and especially to Teesha and Tracy, who put this event together every year and always make is so incredibly special.

Now, back to work!