Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Missing You}

Time for
Art Journal Fridays! Once again, we take the mystery out of journaling... ;-)

For your journaling pleasure, I offer a prompt. And with this one, you can make it as light or as deep as you’d like.

Today, journal about someone you miss. Or something you miss...It could be someone you lost through death, through time, maybe you miss college, maybe you miss going to the (golf) driving range every day. Maybe you miss journaling and want to get back into it. Put a positive spin on it. Why is it that you miss it so much? How did it make you a better person? Are you better that it’s gone? Like I said, as light or as deep as you’d like. Use images of your subject, journal around it, however you’d like! You won’t be graded on this, I promise...

The sample shown is a portion of my page, still some space to fill...(Takes the mystery out of the new banner above, doesn’t it?)

Make it your own!

And have a wonderful Friday....