Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Tossing and Turning}

I didn’t sleep at ALL last night...I tried for an hour to fall asleep. Finally did, then woke up a while later to hear Rev. Wright on CNN. *SIGH* Back asleep again, then awake for more about Rev. Wright...geez, is he doing the circuit? (Maybe he should start his own late-night variety show...) So Rev. Wright interspersed with weird, pointless dreams that are still somewhat vivid in my head...I feel like I’m in a fog.

Needless to say, I’m not in great shape today. Been trying to work on some things without much success. I’m praying the cloud will lift tomorrow...

There IS good news to report: I’m looking forward to that Sabrina Ward Harrison workshop (Renee will be going with me); a week-long trip to San Fran, where I hope to journal and work on my next authoring project and experience NUMEROUS breakthroughs (or at the very least, eat lots of cream puffs at Beard Papa and Tom Yum at Bangkok Thai while hitting as many cool stores and galleries as possible); a trip shortly after that to Hawaii with family (it was just proposed to us a week or so ago! VERY cool); and a day trip in July to Comic Con, which I’ve heard ROCKS! Add to that a design project with a publisher I’ve been wanting to work with, and it’s chaotic...

Yep, no sleep and many daydreaming opportunities...Yikes!

I think I’ll just go watch “Juno”.