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{A Little Bit of Everything}

Funny how one day can make a world of difference. I’m probably jinxing it by saying this, but I feel so much better! The gland still hurts here and there but not like it did a couple of days ago. I couldn’t even yawn without almost crying! Seriously...It was bad...Thanks for your well wishes!

And I have more energy today...took Lucy to get beautified and am hoping to get to UPS to get some of these journals out the door! I haven’t been out of the house (except to get the mail) for the last three days...

I wanted to tell you that my good friend, Kira (who’s also in 1000 Artist Journal Pages) is teaching an 8-week online journaling workshop...Check it out! I’ve already signed up... And for $15, quite a value. I know Kira, so I KNOW this worskhop’s gonna be real good!

BugginloTo the right is a page that I’m sure looks familiar to you, since it inspired the blog banner and was subject of a prompt a couple of weeks ago...But I had only shown a portion of the page...this is the WHOLE, finished page...It shows you how a page isn’t truly finished until you feel it is...For me, this page had many different elements. I want to break it down for you:

  1. I painted the background a nice chartreuse green...I used an acrylic gouache paint, which I LOVE. The cool thing about this paint is that it goes really transparent if you add quite a bit of water but is really vibrant if you use it straight.

  2. I began doodling and writing...I know, this may not be the way some of you journal...that’s OK. There are NO rules...I doodled the Hello in the upper left corner, then the jump, jive and wail in the lower right...Then I drew the black lines. I had drawn a weird face in the upper right corner, but HATED it, so I blacked it out. It was a big black blob for a while.

  3. I doodled the I’m Buggin...wanted to play with my writing...I LOVE the writing and art on 60s concert posters. VERY cool. So I went in that direction. If you want to play with writing, try emulating a font or type that you find in magazines, on posters, CDs, anything! If you’re not sure, trace it first with tracing paper onto your page...

  1. I started using a lot of the pink over everything. The

    pen I used is a Uniball Signo Angelic. LOVE this pen. I have to get

    more. It writes over
    ANYTHING! Love the color, too.

  2. I had the transparent images from a recent workshop, so I

    attached them...and started writing about losing my dad and how it’s

    affected my life. Just a stream of thought...This came after I read an article in the recent issue of Teesha Moore’s Art & Life, where she asked the question: what kind of journaler are you? It encouraged me to write streams of thought more.

  3. HATED the big black blob in the top right, so I found this

    vintage wallpaper from a packet I bought from Pam Garrison and added

    that in there to cover it.Also added a couple of snips in the bottom

    right for a little balance.

  4. And finally filled in with more pink doodles...(the squiggly line down the middle and the raindrops).


So as this shows, pages do not have to follow any rhyme or reason.

This page took a while to feel
COMPLETE. It doesn’t have a THEME or any

sort of direction. Some pages will, others won’t.

Embrace your process. Try different techniques on your pages. Start

with a painted background, then start writing, then slap some pages

down, whatever. There’s no CORRECT way to journal. There are some pages

in my journal that I just slapped more paint down on because I couldn’t

stand the colors they were. I’ve been wanting to play with more of a

layered look. Yesterday’s page was an example of that...

Finally, just have fun. You will find your process and your style.

It takes time. And I feel I’m still exploring...I think I have somewhat

of a style, but I want to expand on it. It’s important to evolve.

Have a GREAT Friday!