Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Art Journal Fridays and Things to Come}

Hello, all! I've been thinking about Art Journal Fridays and what it should encompass from now on...I think it needs some shaking up, so I'm thinking every once in a while I'll do a prompt, or dissect one of my own pages, or pull something from 1000 Artist Journal Pages...there will be interviews with artists from 1000 AJP, tips and tricks, and various other journal-y goodness.

And I am going to do a zine, I SWEAR! Lately I've had time to do some back-burner projects, and that is on my list.

As for my super secret project, I can say that it's a book and it's slotted for publication Spring 2010. I'm really excited about it and will share much more as soon as I can.

Throughout next week I will discuss the process that went into publishing 1000 AJP. It truly was a labor of love.

I will leave you with the next spread from the Black White and Pink journal...Not sure if I've shown this one...it is in 1000 AJP...It's about my mother and father...Have a GREAT weekend!