Dawn DeVries Sokol


{The Process Begins}


When I was first told that I would be authoring 1000 Artist Journal Pages, I really had no idea what to expect. I knew I had to collect a VERY large number of journal pages! I prayed I'd receive more pages than I needed—heck, I prayed I'd even receive 1000 so I could fill the book! I was nervous, anxious, excited, and overwhelmed with the thought of this project.

March came, as did Artfest, an art retreat held outside of Seattle. I knew that it was a great place to start the call for entries. So I e-mailed my editor at Rockport and asked her if that was OK and if we had any submission guidelines already set up. She sent me a form that I was to rework for this book. At the time, I thought that it would be best to divide the book into categories, such as edgy pages, graphic pages, fiber pages, sketched pages, and others. It made the call for entries a bit easier as well. I knew that journal artists would wonder just what to submit if I wasn't somewhat specific (as it was, I still got a lot of questions about what was appropriate)...

Once the call for entries was written up, I printed out a couple hundred flyers and took them along to Artfest. I shoved them under doors in my dorm...I asked Teesha and Tracy Moore (founders of Artfest) if they could announce something to the attendees at the festivities the first night (which they did and I was SO grateful)...I left a huge pile of the flyers in the Common Building where everyone goes for meals...I handed them out at the Bonfire Journaling Party...I just didn't want to take ANY flyers home...I think I took maybe 25 back to AZ with me...

So the call was officially out. First deadline was May 15. And the call wasn't over yet. I scouted for journaling groups on Yahoo and Flickr and announced it on those lists. I asked various blog writers to announce it for me on their blogs...I hoped to get as much coverage as I could. Even as entries started coming in, I still pushed to get the word out.

I had started up another Yahoo e-mail address JUST for the entries so I could keep them all straight. Journal artists from as far away as Iceland were e-mailing me lo-rez jpegs of their work. I grew ever more excited as I received submissions from Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands, and so many other countries. I still sought out MORE artists, as I reached journal artists around the world through Flickr...Every day I would hop on Flickr to look for more, and scour as many nooks and crannies of the internet as I could. I extended the deadline another month. Would I have enough?

More to come tomorrow...