Dawn DeVries Sokol


{More 1000 AJP Process}


With the cover and dummy approved, I moved on to selecting journal pages from the submissions. I think I had about a couple hundred artists submit (I didn't really count, so that's a guess!)...I did seek out SOME journal artists to send pages...But overall, the response I received was awesome. Most of those artists who submitted were able to send me digital scans at the resolution we needed for print. There were some who sent me their original journals, which was INCREDIBLE. It's one thing to see the journal pages on the computer screen, but quite another to hold them in your hands and feel all the layers and texture. I sent journals for shooting to Rockport little by little...didn't want to overwhelm them. As I decided upon pages and received the digital files from the artists, I logged them all into a spreadsheet file, numbering them for tracking sake. I would continuously do counts through the Excel file so that I would know when to stop! I was getting closer and closer...And at about 100 away, there were still a few artists I wanted pages from. A couple of those artists had journals at Rockport already—they were being shot for another book. So I corresponded with the author of that book to get those journals sent to me for a looksy. I didn't want to use any pages the other author was using in her book, so we had to work that out...

I felt a little like a detective last summer. Tracking down journals—finding the right pieces to this 1000 AJP puzzle. In a way, the book I gathered was done selfishly. I wanted a book that I, myself, would pick up for inspiration. I've had years of experience in art direction, so I know how to select art. My goal was to gather a wide variety of styles and views. 

More tomorrow about designing the interior and the little roadblocks I hit along the way...