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Happy Wednesday!

I am posting some 1000 Artist Journal Pages goodness...some adequate photos of the book:


Lucy insisted on posing with the book, she’s such a camera hound (not really!)....You’d think I was torturing her by the look on her face...

Some interior shots for your viewing pleasure (well, they’re not great photos, but you get the gist):





I was having a difficult time with my camera...

And some shots...

of my studio...Looks like a tornado blew through...




And those big boxes on the floor that Lucy is sitting next to? Those are the journals submitted for 1000 AJP...YES, they’re coming back to all of you who sent them in...YAYYYY!!!!

Now, if you don’t mind me hanging on to your journal until October, I can include it in the gallery show at The Paper Studio in September. You can always send it back to me if you want it back now but still want to be in the show...Just let me know...I thought I’d be getting the show together for L.A., but that doesn’t look like it will happen...I haven’t heard anything back from the store there. So right now I’m going with The Paper Studio here in Tempe! That’s definite!

And if you want the form for the contributor’s discount, please e-mail me...I will be e-mailing them to all contributors, but to hear from you will make it a bit easier!

Happy Wednesday!