Dawn DeVries Sokol



Sorry I've been away from the blog so much lately. Just got back from SF on Saturday, had a migraine yesterday, then dealt with Lucy having diarrhea all last night. Still dealing with it today... *SIGH* Fortunately, she's sleeping right now after having some doggie Kaopectate and eating a little rice. (She must have known I was writing about her, because now she's staring at me.)

I am going to scan in some journal pages from my trip later today so I can share them with you this week...We're getting ready to go to Hawaii soon.

SF was awesome as usual. Got to see a member preview of the Frida exhibit at the SFMOMA. That was the highlight of the trip! I journaled, walked, acquired a number of blisters on my feet, and took it easy in the hotel room here and there. Finally got to go to ARCH, an incredible art and architecture supply store in Potrero Hill, then hit the SF Center for the Book. I journeyed up to North Beach, walking through Chinatown, up to Lombard (the crazy winding street; THAT was a hike!), ventured over to the Ferry Market, hit the Mission District to shop at Needles and Pens...It didn't seem like I did much while I was there but looking back, I guess I did!

More later tonight!

(Oh, and we're doing GREAT on Amazon with 1000 AJP! Number 2 in Papercrafts and Scrapbooking! Thanks everyone!)