Dawn DeVries Sokol


{I ' m Bummed}

Well, we HAD planned to hold a gallery show in conjunction with 1000 Artist Journal Pages at The Paper Studio here in Tempe, AZ. BUT I have just found out that Cindy and Gary have decided to stop holding exhibitions and to use the space for something else. I don't have any other gallery spaces lined up, so unless I find one, we won't be having the show. I know many of you were really looking forward to it! I was, too! The great thing about it being here was that I could set it up and have control over how it is handled. I guess I'll just have to see if anything else pops up...

I apologize to those of you who were willing to send your journal pages for inclusion in the show. I appreciate your enthusiasm! If I am holding your journal pages and you want them back, please let me know and I'll send them out in a couple of weeks...Thanks.