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Note: A little diversion from the book process...

From where I sit NOW, the view is much more beautiful than it's been. There are certain people I "played" with over the weekend to thank for that. May was a somewhat difficult month: I said good-bye to my ASU niece who went home for good, watched as work slowed a bit, and struggled with the idea of a long hot summer to come. I witnessed my twin nephews graduating from high school with mixed
emotions. Gone were the little boys I met 11 years ago. They're young
men now. (And I am SO proud of them.) The cooler than normal weather was the only real comfort I felt.

This weekend changed my May perspective. I attended BookExpo America in LA and talked with current clients and met with potential ones. I grabbed as many advance reading copies and book catalogs as my shoulders could handle (you really get loaded down with the weight of books) and took in all that was forthcoming in the book industry. Friday night, I met with Kaylee, a college friend whom I never realize just how much I miss until I SEE her. Kaylee, I really DO miss you, dammit! :-) We had YUMMY sushi in Santa Monica, I got to see where she works (which is really cool) and I showed her the advance copy of 1000 AJP and one of my journals...I love to turn people on to art journaling.

The only REAL mishap of the weekend was the wrong turn I took on the Ventura Freeway that led me out to Thousand Oaks. I was supposed to end up back in Burbank. Those of you familiar with the LA area know that I was too many miles off course. A phone call to my hotel helped me jump back on track. I am good with directions, but in LA I get turned around if I don't pay such close attention. I wound up at my hotel an hour later and half a gas tank less than I should have. The worst of it was the overwhelming wave of panic and dread I felt physically and mentally wash over me. Like a numbing effect. I should have listened to my heart when I saw signs for Malibu and Pepperdine and sensed there was something wrong but kept driving anyway. *SIGH*

And then, Saturday. Went to pick up Renee at the Burbank Airport. Instantly, I felt better. The anxiety of getting lost the night before began to diminish a bit and we headed toward Carol Parks' studio near North Hollywood. Her studio/house is so lovely; I don't think my pictures do it justice.

As we passed through a gated white picket fence, we looked above to see this:

IMG_1489The entrance to Carol's home signals what's to come...We ooohed and aaahed as we walked through the living room, through the dining area and out onto her patio where tables were set for journal making, paper lanterns hung among birdhouses and the cool Southern California air wafted about...

We then met Sabrina Ward Harrison, author of Spilling Open, Brave on the Rocks, Messy Thrilling Life, and The True and the Questions...She's everything I thought she'd be and more. A beautiful spirit and woman who shared so much with us: her love of art, her newfound passion for Ireland and all that is her world. I was able to see Lisa Engelbrecht, whose book Modern Mark Making I designed. She brought an advance copy so I could peruse it...I haven't received my copies yet. I was so happy with how her book turned out...It made me feel reinvigorated about my design work. Lisa is such a sweetheart. She was extremely delighted with the book's outcome. She has no idea how wonderful that made me feel...

Over the weekend, this group of women got messy together and bonded. We shared of ourselves and our art. We spilled, we laughed and we cried a little. All in all, a refreshing turn of events. Oh, and I came home to a CLEAN house. Yes, my wonderful husband cleaned for me while I was gone. God, I love him.

I leave you with some photos:

Heidi's creative hands





Sabrina's girls


Sabrina creating girls for each of us



Some of the beautiful art that was produced


Pam Garrison's lovely journal


A contented group of women!