Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Happy Wednesday!}

A few things to note before I start a VERY busy day:

We WILL be having a gallery show in conjunction with the book after all! At the ZNE Convention in Pleasanton, CA, August 22-24. The convention offers a screening of the 1000 Journals Project documentary the first night, a keynote speech Saturday morning by SARK, workshops all day Saturday and a vendor show Sunday, where we will display the gallery show. I'm very excited to be invited to hold the show there! And thanks so much to Chrysti Hydeck...she got the ball rolling on this after I sent out an e-mail a couple of weeks ago to the contributors to let them know that the show wouldn't be at The Paper Studio after all. So if you're going to be in Pleasanton at that time and want to attend some GREAT events, go on over and register. You don't have to be a ZNE member to register; you'll pay a one-time $25 fee which will include your membership for the year. Also, the special events are open to the public, so if you don't have time to attend workshops, etc., but maybe want to see the screening of the documentary, check it out!

Also, a cool site to note for its doodly design: Pita Jungle. Hubby and I hadn't eaten there in a while and I asked him to pick up dinner there last night. Went on the website to check out the menu and I fell in love with the site.

Now, some more Hawaii:



Have a GREAT day!