Dawn DeVries Sokol



Right now I'm feeling so many emotions. Anxiety, gratitude, humility, contentedness, concern...It's because SO much has happened this week. My mom's been in and out of the hospital. We took another trip there on Thursday because she was feeling nervous and not quite right. They released her after running many tests that came out normal. The way she feels is aftermath of losing sodium and potassium. I've been calling her about two or three times a day and praying that she begins to feel better.

I've had many deadlines this week as well. Still working on an interior design that's due Monday. I'm much closer to the finish line with this one...And I've had many covers I've been designing and sending in for review. More will ensue this coming week.

I also worked a little in my travel journal this morning and realized that I'm still very much in Hawaii. I haven't quite left it yet. Like the fog I felt ensconced in for weeks after we departed London...I don't know what it is. Maybe it's exposure to a place so unique. I often find my mind drifting back to the sound of waves crashing against the Maui shore, the rustle of wind through the palm trees, and the warmth of the ocean breeze against my face. Maybe it's the need to wander back to a happy place in my head.

I've felt gratitude and humility in a new way: so many wonderful comments and e-mails from you about 1000 AJP. All of the work, the waiting, has been so incredibly worth it. No words can tell you how much your kind thoughts have meant. Such lovely reviews on Amazon as well...they REALLY moved me, to the point my jaw dropped down to the floor! Now it's on to gathering pages for the gallery show at ZNE Convenzione in August. If you contributed your pages to the book and want them shown, please e-mail me. I will be contacting all contributors next week.

And a couple more pages from the travel journal...one is the Frida spread from SF, the others from Hawaii.




Enjoy your weekend!