Dawn DeVries Sokol



It’s difficult to post sometimes simply because there’s either too much going on, not enough, or too much of nothing worth posting about...Seems like I’ve dealt with all three lately. I’ve been working mostly, trying to finish up some design projects before I jump into my second authoring project...Trying to get a mock-up together for a possible new project...

I attended Art Unraveled here in Phoenix over the weekend and last Wed. I was able to have dinner with Lisa Engelbrecht, the fabulous lettering teacher and author of Modern Mark Making. It was SO good to see her and just chat. I love talking with her. The always-inspiring Renee also joined us...It was nice to talk with friends after working at home so much alone!

That night I took a lettering class with Traci Bautista, who had such sweet things to say about my lettered journal pages. She’s SUCH a sweetheart...if you haven’t taken a class with her and get a chance to, do so!

Friday night I vegged and watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Like everyone else, I sat with my mouth open the whole time. It was a production never to be topped. When the teams started to enter the stadium, I got the insane idea to make THAT my pages for Moly X 28, the latest Moly group I started. Yes, I’m nuts. I penciled in all of the names of the countries (I think I missed a couple during commercial breaks), and then proceeded to work on filling it all in over the weekend. I even worked on it while in Judy Wise’s journaling class at AU on Sunday (I felt bad that THAT’s what I did in her class...she’s such an inspiring teacher, but I just felt compelled to finish it)....It started with this opening spread:


And then proceeded on to this:


Yeah, uh-huh. I did the light green because I couldn’t find a good dark green gel pen in my stash...

Now I just need to send it on to Hanna!

Also on Sunday I got to chat with Tracie Lyn Huskamp,
who gave me one of her wonderful HOME banners...how lovely! I am going
to display it in my studio. :) Thanks, Tracie! She also passed along
her beautiful pastel journal to show in the 1000 AJP gallery exhibit at ZNE’s Convenzione next weekend...

And thanks so much to Angie of ScrapScene for publishing a review of 1000 Artist Journal Pages. SUH-WEET!

Have a GREAT Tuesday...