Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Q & A}

Happy Wednesday!
Yesterday I packed up all of the journals and pages for the 1000 AJP gallery show at ZNE’s Convenzione this weekend...I’m excited about all of it; it’s going to be fun! I actually had more journals than I thought...the box weighed about 40 pounds...thanks to those of you who sent your pages and journals. The studio actually looks a little more presentable today. To the point Hubby came in and asked Lucy if Mommy cleaned up...OK, got it...the studio’s ALWAYS messy!

Lately, we’ve been asking the contributors of 1000 AJP about their processes, inspiration, etc. Seth, over at The Altered Page asked me to take part in The Pulse, a Q&A of over 80 artists...check it out! Every day is something new...

And in the spirit of Q&A, if you have any questions for me about journaling, my process, techniques, tips, etc., please ask. I’ll take questions in the comments section until Friday and then post the answers next Wednesday.

Have a great day!