Dawn DeVries Sokol


{AJF: The BIG Sho-oe (An Ed Sullivan Ref.)}

Hello, all! Happy Friday! Sorry it’s taken me so long to post these. I have been trying to wrap up some projects this week. I had a book on ice cream due Wednesday and then yesterday I had to make some revisions on another book. So I’ve been a busy gal.

For Art Journal Fridays, we’re going to celebrate those who participated in the 1000 Artist Journal Pages gallery show at the ZNE Convenzione last weekend in Pleasanton, California. I’m glad to say the show was well received and I had quite a few participants. It allowed fans of the book and art journaling to see these pages up close, layers and all. I felt honored to display this work and so grateful to those who trusted me enough with their original artwork. I just received them back and will be returning them to you next week...











A view of the vendor fair below the stage where the show was...This actually was after a few hours into it...It was REALLY crowded the first couple of hours!


A lovely morning view from the house we stayed in. The hills were covered in clouds until late morning.


Me and one of my housemates, Kristin...“Oooo, kitties!”


Lani and I...Lani was my trusty driver...she drove me everywhere...such a sweetheart. We had some great talks during our rides up to that house!


Michelle Legler, me, Sally Jean and Lisa Kaus...I hadn’t met Lisa before, such a sweetie...Michelle and I live just a few miles from each other. We’ll have to get together for lunch soon, Michelle!

I also had the privilege of meeting Susan Tuttle, Chrysti Hydeck, Michele Unger, Laura Bray, Laura Taylor Mark, Patty Victoria, Gina Smith, Tina Curtis, Jill, Donna, and so many others! Such talent, such willingness to share, such ENCOURAGEMENT! A wonderful group of artists made it an awesome weekend for me. Hugs to all of you!