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{Book Winner}

Hello, all! I SO appreciate your tremendous response to the 1000 Artist Journal Pages giveaway...I was overwhelmed! Needless to say, it took some time this morning to set up the “pick” but I finally finished it and randomly picked someone out of the magic Amazon box:

It’s Jessica Carter!

Jessica had this to say:

I have seen so many of these and I LOVE LOVE the idea!!!!!!!!

I would so love this book and would surely rock it out! Well, in my world it would be rockin! LOL!!!!


After picking one winner, I just COULDN’T leave it at that, so I picked one more! It was melissa melissa and she had this to say:

am a die hard alter booker so you would think that visual journaling
would be easy peasy for me but for some reason I have a hard time
keeping up with it. The visual part I can throw down with no problem
but to come up with the words to go with it seems to strand me on a
wordless island. I have started one journal in a really cool old zip
code book from the post office. I set the goal of doing at least one
page a month, joined the local visual journaling group and still it
sits. In the past I have journaled by just writing and it was very
helpful for me to heal, specially after Hurricane Katrina. But once I
got back to work I stopped journaling. I have even tried the artist way
but have never got all the way through it and stop the morning pages as
soon as I stop the assignments. Help!!!!

So, there you have it! I will be sending these signed copies out to you gals soon. Please e-mail your snail mail to me!

I will have more Q&A on Friday! Stay tuned and thanks for participating!

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