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{AJF: More Art Journal Aid}

Today for Art Journal Fridays, we are going to address some more of your comments left for the giveaway...

And away we go!

Nancy Lynn says:

am having a hard time getting my style or should I say "my groove" as
far as journaling is concerned. I have heard of the book and wondered
who you were so it was neat to see you in Judy Wise's class at AU this
year. Making the books is not the problem as I have made many of them.
Do you color your pages as you go or do you make a journal with pages
already colored? Would love to learn more. Thanks. Nancy

Nancy, thanks for stopping by. You can create your journal any way you want. My journals are built with blank paper, then colored in with paint here and there. Sometimes, I go through and paint several pages so I have some color for background. Other times, I will start on a totally blank page and just doodle with black pen. There really is no rhyme or reason, it’s just finding what works for you. You could paint your pages before you bind them into your journal. Is it the blank page that’s bothering you? Then paint all your pages with different colors. It’s a personal preference. Try different things and see what you like! And as far as getting your groove, don’t worry about it...it WILL happen. It takes time and experimenting with different mediums, techniques, etc. Soon you’ll find yourself drawn to certain things and it WILL come together! Sometimes I think that can be another block to journaling. We get worried about having our own STYLE...But just playing with techniques and stuff will eventually bring YOU to your pages! Have fun with it!

Jennifer Neuman says:

been keeping an art journal for almost 2 1/2 years, but at first it was
kind of in spurts ... nothing for awhile, then BAM a bunch of pages.
Then I took an online class that gave prompts each day and that
kick-started it for me for several months. But now I'm back to the on
again/off again mode. It's hard to really keep it a daily habit when
there's so much else to do right now. But watch out! When I'm on again,
there'll be a slew of pages LOL!
Crossing my fingers to win ... I've been dying to get my hands on a
copy, but money's tight right now ....

Hey, Jennifer! Yes, online classes with prompts are AWESOME! That’s how I got really started. I took a Christmas online journaling class with Shimelle, and it helped to have that daily prompt. When you do this, it allows you to not worry about WHAT you’ll journal about, so you can play and have fun with paint, collage, and doodling. Sometimes that’s all we need to jump start our journaling. I know that WHAT to journal about is a huge problem for many. It’s a definite stumbling block. If you find an online class, take it! It may help in ways you never thought possible.

And if you’re like Jennifer and are in somewhat of a journaling dry spell, no worries! It will happen again. Sounds like Jennifer isn’t worried and that’s GREAT! Just go with the flow!

Samphire says:

I have your book and love browsing through it often. I've started a my
own journal and gathered together some supplies, but frankly I find it
a bit daunting. I'm not a professional artist and would like to learn
some of the basic techniques used by the journalists in the book.
Finding the time and energy is another problem.

Samphire: Yes, learn the techniques...there are many great books that will get you going. I have looked mostly at collage and mixed media books to help me...There’s a book called Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner that has nothing but techniques that would be good...Other books I’ve looked to for instruction include:

  1. Collage for the Soul by Holly Harrison and Paula Grasdal

  2. Creative Collage for Scrapbooks by Kelly Angard

  3. The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery by Karen Michel

  4. In This House by Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn

  5. Scraptastic by Ashley Calder

  6. Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin

  7. Mixed-Media Collage by Holly Harrison

  8. Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautista

  9. Mixed Emulsions by Angela Cartwright

  10. Artists’ Journals and Sketchbooks by Lynne Perrella

  11. Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and Other Adventures in Bookmaking by Holly Harrison

  12. The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn

  13. The Decorated Journal by Gwen Diehn

  14. The Art of Personal Imagery by Corey Moortgat

  15. Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts

  16. Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmuth (and her other books and DVDs!)

I also look to Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine for technique help.

Melissa Melissa was the winner of one of the books and had a great comment:

I am a die hard alter booker so you would think that visual journaling would be easy peasy
for me but for some reason I have a hard time keeping up with it. The
visual part I can throw down with no problem but to come up with the
words to go with it seems to strand me on a wordless island. I have
started one journal in a really cool old zip code book from the post
office. I set the goal of doing at least one page a month, joined the
local visual journaling group and still it sits. In the past I have
journaled by just writing and it was very helpful for me to heal,
specially after Hurricane Katrina.
But once I got back to work I stopped journaling. I have even tried the
artist way but have never got all the way through it and stop the
morning pages as soon as I st
op the assignments. Help!!!!

Melissa Melissa: It’s all good! Personally, I don’t believe in The Artists Way...I went to a seminar by Julia Cameron and it seemed there was so much emphasis on morning pages. You HAVE to do journal pages every morning, YUCK! The thought makes me want to rip my hair out! Seriously! I think that just makes it more like drudgery. That is not the answer for everyone. Maybe you shouldn’t set goals of journaling...just pick it up when you can, when you want to...don’t force it. Journaling should be fun, not work! And you say you have a problem with words to go with your visual art. Thing is, the words don’t HAVE to go with the visual part! Just journal about your day. Make a list of fave movies, songs, colors, etc. Find a quote that you like and use that. And don’t feel like you have to complete a page before moving on to others...

So there you go! PLEASE e-mail me or leave a comment if you’re having any art journaling problems! Maybe we can find a solution...

Have a great Friday!

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