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{How to Not Blog for 7 Days}

1. Work, work, work. Look at other blogs and work some more.

2. Watch Hubby fly off to Chicago to hang with his bros and hit a Cubs game AND a Bears game.

3. Get excited about a presidential debate that kind of ends up boring.

4. Finish pages in Hedvig for the Traveling Journals Project.

5. Sit in front of the TV for one whole Saturday, four episodes of House, four college football games and a Mom.

6. Veg out WAY too much after said Mom leaves the next day, then consume a whole bag of microwave popcorn, nap and continue to watch Harry Potter movies while thinking about how much I should REALLY do some more work.

7. Delay yet again a dental cleaning by using the excuse of picking up Hubby from airport.

8.  Work some more then watch the stock market crash before picking up Hubby from the airport.

9. Know that tomorrow is another day. (Hopefully, a good one!)

10. Oh, and thought some more the WHOLE time of the goodies that I can offer up in my Etsy shop. Yes, I’m stating it here so you can hold me accountable. I hope to have it up real soon! Start to yell at me if I don’t!

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