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{Your Comments}

Hello, all! I’m pleased to see the giveaway is resulting in a lot of comments!!! I wanted to address some of what you’ve said about art journaling...

Most of you seem to have trouble finding TIME. Yeah, I do, too! Some days I don’t journal AT ALL. I CAN go for about a week without journaling because I just have too much going on. That’s OK. Art journaling isn’t something you have to do on a day-by-day basis. It can fit into your crazy life. Don’t think that just because you’re not journaling every day something is wrong with you. This is the beauty of art journaling. You can do pages in stages...you don’t have to finish a page in one sitting. Sometimes, all I have time for is a few quick doodles or writing. THAT’S OK!

Now to get to some specific comments...

Rebecca says: I
am a journaller, but I tend to just stick pictures and mementos in
amongst my writing. I am not an art journaller by any stretch, although
I would love to be.

I say: Rebecca, you ARE an art journaler! There’s no clear definition of what art journaling is. Personally, I feel that any time you’re adding photos, art, found ephemera, etc., to your pages, you ARE art journaling. A regular journal is basically words. But when you’re adding a visual element to your pages, you have an art journal. Rebecca, step out of the denial!

Christine Hertel says: What a wonderful giveaway. I journal, scribble, doodle & scrapbook... I should stick it all in one place, huh? ;)

I say: YESSSS!!!!

Lisa says: I
am a novice art journaler who is having trouble breaking out of her
linear world....I can't just make backgrounds and then go back and add
stuff. I need an idea and work a page start to finish. I would love to
be able to be more free spirited. I have stopped because I have a page
complete with everything but the journaling itself...not much of a
journal if you asked me. I just can't move on until it is complete.

I say: First, Lisa, BREATHE! It’s OK. Have you tried doodling? Maybe you should start with one of the Art Journal Fridays prompts over there in the sidebar to the left...or you might want to pick up Sabrina Ward Harrison’s The True and the Questions. It’s a guided journal that will get you to make some lists, which may inspire a page. I’ve always thought that list-making is a great way to do a page, too. There’s another book I’d suggest called To-Do List by Sasha Cagen. ALL kinds of lists included and a great inspiration.

101707I find that a lot of my pages are not COMPLETE thoughts, ideas, etc. Such as the one to the right. I did this page over SEVERAL days, maybe weeks, I’m not really sure. Actually for a while, all that was there was the top left corner. Then I added the doodles at the bottom. Then I added the photos of my Uncle Bud and the rose. Slowly just added writing and doodles around them to the point that I filled it. This is a total mish-mash of several days. And this page was the first one I really did like this. Now, A LOT of my pages are like this. You don’t have to make a page so focused that you can’t fill it. SERIOUSLY! Be open to starting a page around an idea but let your mind wander as you fill it so that you journal about many things. It’s OK to do this. You can also do your art on your pages first, THEN fill in with writing. So that page you have with no journaling? Just sit down and start journaling about your day on THAT page. Whatever is on your mind. It doesn’t have to “match up” to the art. Let me know how it goes, Lisa!

So, I will have more advice in the next day or two in reply to some of your great comments...In the meantime, journal on!

And don’t forget about the giveaway below...deadline is Tuesday at midnight (PST).