Dawn DeVries Sokol


It’s a Sign


It’s interesting what being turned down will do for you. I recently submitted a teaching proposal for a certain event and was turned away, told that my journal pages didn’t stand up to the others that were submitted. At first, I was a little hurt, but then I realized, I’m just trying to do TOO much. In the last couple of days, my purpose has become much more clear. And it doesn’t involve teaching, trying to get published in magazines, etc. My purpose is to just do what I love, to journal, to blog wherever it takes me and to enjoy it all. It hit me that the journaling kind of has gotten in the way of my day job, which I do love. Not that I’m not going to journal anymore. Are you kidding? That would kill me! No, I’m just going to journal FOR ME. I’ll still blog it, still bring you all my pages, my techniques, etc. I’ve thought of doing a ’zine about journaling, but I might just turn that toward this blog. Maybe the ’zine becomes a separate blog? Just thinking as I’m typing. I will keep my Etsy shop, but I’m not going to worry about it as much. That’s been dominating my time, too, and it really can’t. I need to focus on book design, my lettering illustration, my kids book and a little proposal that could. It feels good to drop some of the expectations I’ve had for myself! A weight has been lifted!


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