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Thank you!

I appreciate all your sweet words regarding my last post. Some of you e-mailed me privately and I have to say all your comments and encouragement made me feel SO much better!

I have to get some Etsy orders out today...If you’re still waiting for them, I’m sorry! I’ve been slammed the last few days with some design projects. I intend to get to the P.O. today.

There’s a blog that I love reading called FutureGirl Craft Blog. She posted a while ago about not buying any new craft supplies this year. She’s decided to use up what she has. I think it’s an inspiring idea and I’m going to follow suite. I’ve decided not to buy any more paint this year. (Unless I run out of black or white.) I have a basket overflowing with acrylics, watercolors, and gouache paints. It’s time to stop buying them until I’ve used them up! I’m also going to really watch what I buy as far as pens and such. I can’t go totally cold turkey on those, unfortunately, but I can cut back!

Yes, I worry about the economy and a lot of people have stopped buying,
which has slowed the economy. BUT, it’s time to get a little more
conscious of our excess. Time to get sensible. And I’d also love to see how long it would take to get through this basket of paints!

Are there any supplies you could cut back on, things that you have SO much of that you could try to get through that stash and still have leftovers at the end of this year?

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