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Well, here we are in 2009...I reflected quite a bit this past weekend while I art journaled and worked on some journal covers for my etsy shop. The Travel 2008 journal is almost done...I finished quite a few Disney pages. I also worked on my Christmas journal a bit.

While everyone else seems to welcome a new year, I struggle a bit with it. I end up with the post-holiday blues, and even though I really didn’t FEEL Christmas this year, I still got the blues a little after it was over. I guess I need to be more positive. 2008 wasn’t that great of a year in the grand scheme of things, even though we did elect our first African-American president. 2009 is a new year, and with that I should be filled with new hope and optimism. With it brings the new administration and new possibilities. I read my horoscope on Yahoo and really liked what it said for my career:

Year 2009 Career (Sagittarius)

You're fascinated by just about everything
that happens in 2009, and you'll be inspired to pursue all the
opportunities that come your way. Writing and other forms of
communication are a great way to put your higher ideals and dreams into
motion. Writing about your success in overcoming obstacles could be of
great benefit to the world.

The exchange of ideas brings
balance and harmony into your work. Trusting that everything is in
divine order will help bring you great success and comfort in your
career. As long as you are in tune with your own personal energy, and
respect the ebb and flow of life, you are able to recharge and realign
yourself to the new work possibilities on the horizon. Come springtime,
you will discover new creative outlets and reach new mastery in your
work as you connect with a higher purpose.

You feel competent
in all aspects of your job, and by autumn you feel financially secure
as you are tear down the old and rebuild the new. Endurance is yours,
and it will be easy for you to actualize positive results and maintain
high integrity. Be mindful to honor all that you have done. — Yahoo

So, that was good! Today, I should be receiving my new Epson printer. I think I’m going to clean out my studio today before I get back to writing the kids journaling book. Oh, and the rest of the 12 Days of Books! (I didn’t follow up on this very well, so I’m just throwing the rest of them out there.)

TakingFLightI feel like the rest of these books are no-brainers. I think they’re all pretty well-known, but I will point them out anyway.

First up is Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. One of my fave books of 2008, it’s filled with techniques, prompts and quotes and LOTS of lovely artwork. Kelly talks with several artists about their art and processes. Kelly also shows us HER artwork, which I LOVE! This one is a must-have.

Next on my list is What It Is by Lynda Barry. I’ve always loved Lynda’s drawings and this book is overflowing with them. Lynda encourages us to be creative in every aspect of our lives.

Third, comes An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory. I was looking forward to getting this book all year, but I haven’t had much time to sit down with it yet. Basically, Danny showcases sketchbook pages from designers, illustrators and artists. I’m looking forward to relaxing with it...I know I’ll totally get lost in it!

Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design by Faythe Levine and Cortney Heimerl is the next I’d like to list. This book was borne from the documentary of the same name and features craft artists from all around the U.S., divided into sections by region. Crafters of all kinds tell their stories through words and pictures.

And finally, last but CERTAINLY not least is Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations and Explorations by Susan Tuttle. This is my review on Amazon:

I just received this book yesterday and I haven’t been able to put it
down. Get a cup of coffee or tea for this one, although it may be
impossible for you to stay out of your creative area for very long, as
you WILL be inspired. This is the kind of book that will spark ideas,
page after page. So much to savor, so much to drink in. A real
pleasure! Susan has culled a tome that will be in my studio for a LONG time to come. This is one I will keep!

So, there you have it! My recommendations for 2008 books that should be in your home library.

Disney pages up soon, as well as new etsy stuff!