Dawn DeVries Sokol


Journal Yum

Once in a while, I like to show journals by others in case you’re sick of looking at mine. I like to share journals of those that may not have been published yet, or are just getting their work out there.

I follow Annee on Twitter and she’s been participating in The Art Journal Stimulus Project. We share a love of Coca-Cola and I love to read her work-related rants. I was on Flickr a couple of days ago, and ran across some newer pics of her recent journal. I just thought, “Yum” and I knew I had to display some of her pages here!

I love the way she uses different sizes of pages and that they’re scraps and bits she’s found and collected.


How she used the Polaroid above.


I can so relate to her sentiments.


Her handwriting is so cool...NEVER be afraid to use your own hand for writing in your journal. YOU may not like it (I HATED my handwriting for the longest time and then just accepted it), but others will love it. YOUR handwriting is what brings MORE of you into your journal.



I could really just gaze at these photos all day. Makes me want to build even more journals like this. As Annee said when I told her I wanted to post her pages, “a-freaking-mazing!” Go check out more on her Flickr page. Oh, and make sure to check out the Art Journal 2009 set...Love the pages that her dog took a bite out of!

Thanks, Annee, for inspiring us!