Dawn DeVries Sokol


What I’ve Been Working On

For the last few months, I’ve been working on a project that I’m having A LOT of fun with. Unfortunately, my confidence really rides a roller coaster when I’m working on it, even thinking about it. It’s still in the works, and still a bit of a secret, but I will show you a peek:


Wish I could show more but seriously, that’s about all I CAN show.

Oh, and the other day when I was working on a journal page, an incredible thing happened:


The rainbow in the photo is actually from a crystal I have hanging near the studio window. Yep, it decided to shed it’s lovely little rainbow right above Fort Worden on my journal page. Sorry the picture is a bit soft—I couldn’t stop shaking. I was shaking because right after my dad died eight years ago, he would send me rainbows when I was down. I have documented several times when this happened (all long stories), so this made me think of that. This one I can account for the light source, so I know it was just a natural glow. But still cool, nonetheless!

Oh, and I’m glad you all liked Annee’s pages in the previous post. If you haven’t seen them, check ’em out. And I’m still taking sign-ups for {12.31} (in the right column).