Dawn DeVries Sokol


Getting Ready to Leave is Exhausting!

IMG_0763 I’ve been packing and getting ready to head to Journalfest. I’m STILL not finished with my kids’ book...I think I’m going to work on it some while I’m gone...I have to finish it up next week!

I was reaching up in my closet today for a container, stepped up on a cabinet to get more reach and fell backward onto the floor a couple feet. It wasn’t a far fall, but it felt like it! Now I’ve got a back that’s tightening up...better not be a sign of things to come. Where are those Thermacares?

I will be taking my camera and posting scrumptious pics for you when I get back. (Maybe even while I’m there!) 

Don’t forget there’s a giveaway of 1000 Artist Journal Pages on the Everyday Studio Artist blog. Hop on over there and comment for a chance to win. AND, I will be the guest blogger there tomorrow, so check that out as well!

Have a great week!