Dawn DeVries Sokol


Journalfest Goods

Just wanted to show the goodies I brought home from my Journalfest trip. Since I was on a budget this time, there was less to bring back, but I think I did pretty well nonetheless!


THIS was the goodie bag we received at registration. Yeah, cool, huh? And in it:


Well, not all of this...some of these are trades. But the London Lomo Notebook and the AWESOME stamp set with like 30 stamps designed by Teesha, Tracy, and Tiphoni...SO cool!


Catherine Witherell and I went a little crazy at Daiso, a Japanese dollar store...The Copics I got from Teesha...The paper plate with the sea lion was a giveaway at Saturday’s journaling party...Catherine and I also hit Kinokuniya...


Stencils and notepad I bought from Teesha, stamp from Tiphoni, and Paul Frank journal from Kinokuniya.


Close-up of the work I did in Theo Ellsworth’s class...


Full front cover...still need to work on it more...