Dawn DeVries Sokol


A Little Housekeeping


This is pretty much the last spread in my Journalfest journal. The page on the right is from Tiphoni’s Brainsponging class, which I LOVED. We doodled, then developed characters out of those doodles. She pushed me during class, saying I need to loosen up, to stretch myself. I’m too “stay-between-the-lines” and I need to get a little crazy...Yeah, I can see that. My page here was too flat, so she encouraged me to add different colors and textures. She’s a great teacher! If you ever get a chance to take a class from her, DO! She really knows her stuff. I really respect her!

Also, I wanted to clear up a little confusion being caused by the prompts for NaNoJouMo. The Flickr group is a place for you to post your results from NaNoJouMo. You don’t HAVE to be journaling FROM the prompts, only if you want to. The prompts are meant to inspire. As long as you art journal every day...THAT’s what this is all about. I figured the prompts would be a good starting-off point for those who needed them. Another lesson from this: THERE ARE NO RULES in art journaling, which means no real rules for NaNoJouMo. If you post your results on the Flickr group, I just request that it’s ART JOURNALING. That means that it be done in an art journal or meant to be bound in an art journal.

(BTW: What’s been art journaled so far, ROCKS!)

One more thing: Pam Garrison is giving away a copy of 1000 Artist Journal Pages (signed by me) on her blog...Leave a comment by Friday to be entered!

Thanks, all!