Dawn DeVries Sokol


I Think I’m in Love

With my Polaroid PoGo Printer...which I ordered from Amazon for a mere $29.99 last week!


This little gem prints out 2 X 3 in. photos with a simple hook-up to your camera. It also has bluetooth capability, but still doesn’t work with the iPhone. (I may have to talk with Apple about that!)

I’ve been wanting one of these for a while so I could take it with me while traveling. I always want to print out photos I take while on trips and paste them right into my journal...Now I can! I have a Canon Selphy, but it's much larger and I never really loved it. Ink cartridges are needed and the paper tray is separate...you have to set up the printer before using. No ink cartridges needed for the PoGo. Just make sure you have paper in the tray, plug in your camera and GO!

The photo paper used in the PoGo has a sticky back so you can peel it off and paste it down right away!


It spits out prints pretty quickly and the quality is pretty good, too!


Mi amore!