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The Rocket Man AND The Piano Man

Wish I had some new journaling to show you. I don’t. I’ve been busy with my kids’ book and it has evolved QUITE a bit. In a good way, though. It’ll still be a journaling book, but with a twist. Just think about the kind of journaling I do...

Went to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert last Thursday. Our family knows the keyboard technician for Elton John. So we got a backstage tour before the show. Didn’t think we’d see either Elton or Billy beforehand because they’re usually scarce until the actual concert. But we walked out into the arena and Billy Joel was warming up with Elton John songs. VERY cool! So we got a private audience with him! (That was a first. We’ve done this a few times!) I should have taken my camera, but my “concert” purse is just too tiny. Hubby took some pics with his iPhone, and I will have more to show when I get pics from my niece. These photos are all by my Hubby, ©2009 TJ Sokol...


Above was our private concert from The Piano Man...That’s him on the right at the piano. We weren’t allowed to get any closer...


Elton’s set was first.


My FAVORITE part of the concert was above when Elton John did “Rocket Man”. The graphics they showed on the screen above the stage were SO cool...very 70s, swirls, flowers, GROOVY! My kind of art...and you can bet I was thinking of art journaling as I was watching it all flying around up there!


Above, Billy Joel and Elton John play together.

Woke up with a headache the next day and I didn’t even drink that night! Incredibly tired...was up until 3 a.m. talking with my sis-in-law and watching part of “Twilight”. It took a while to wind down. I think I’ve FINALLY recovered!

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