Dawn DeVries Sokol


Book Biz

So the proposal I was working on for a while is at a stand-still because of my contract for my kids’ book. Which is OK. It’s not good karma to write two books at the very same time. The kids’ book has REALLY evolved. To the point where now I need to write out a text manuscript before I work on the actual art. It will now be more hand-generated than computer-generated, which will mean A LOT more of me. I’m very excited about this. I can’t say much more about it right now, but it’s due out Fall 2010. And I’ll be plugging it more as the time gets near.

I am going to try to post again this week and next, but if I don’t, I didn’t die or fall off the face of the Earth. The text manuscript is due April 10, so I’m going to be VERY busy with that until then. I’m not even sure if I’ll get to any art journaling before that time! Such is life! Guess it was good that I didn’t go to Artfest! Yep, everything happens for a reason.