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The Simpleness of Being

Being what, you may ask? Well, just BEING. Yesterday I took a long overdue afternoon OUT of the studio and just hung out with a good friend. No worries, no expectations, no deadlines. And yes, I had gone to lunch with my mom the day before, and that was REALLY nice, too. Gasp! Two days in a row of just letting my hair down, of just letting the world pass me by.

But this tells you that a baseball game can be MORE than a baseball game. We spread out on a blanket in the lawn section, in the left outfield. The sky was a bit overcast, the breeze pleasing. We talked, we drank, we ate, we people-watched, and most importantly, we chatted. A conversation that lets you know that you’re not alone in this world. And we laughed. Laughed about the innocence and open honesty of young children, at the men behind us who kept yelling out to the players, at the little boy who kept tumbling around on the grass, and at how technology can bring us back in touch with lost friends. At one point, Shelley went up to the concessions and I sat alone on the blanket, took in the people, the cool breeze and warm sun and thought, Geez, I could really do this again. And even though we talked about the bull$*&! going on in the world, it seemed far away for once. I guess it was an afternoon off, of playing hooky, but also a staycation of sorts. One I definitely needed.

however busy or NOT busy your life may seem, get out and take in the
world once in a while. Get away from the computer, the internet, and
the reminders of whatever is ailing you. And take a good friend (or
mom) along. It’s the best medicine.

This post is overdue and I apologize. I was going to do a giveaway this week, but didn’t find the time. I will definitely get to that next week. My friend Tonia mailed to me a heart pendant necklace I won on her blog for Heart It Forward. As part of the prize, the winner agrees to extend the sentiment and give away something on her blog. I will show the necklace next week, as well as the prize that a reader will win here. You will need to comment on the post and then I will randomly select one person to win. And the winner will need to Heart It Forward on her blog as well.

Enjoy your weekend!

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