Dawn DeVries Sokol



Thanks everyone, for visiting me in my new spot on the blogosphere. I’ve been busy the last few days with a self-promotion...and I’ve been approaching this one in a new way, with Photoshop. I’m not new to Photoshop. I used to use it for digital collage, and did a few spot illustrations for various magazines. It’s great to be finally working in it so much again, and I really want to use it more.

I am going to be starting a web design class at ASU next week, so I hope that my time isn’t too crazy with that and work. But I also think it will give me new perspective on my blog design and such. I’ve always been such a print girl and still am, but I really need to embrace the web more. We’ll see.

I need to get scrambling in The Doodle-Off...It’s a contest going on here, and I’m falling behind. Some of the participants have gotten up to 80-90 doodles done! Yikes!

TwilightDNAlso, I want to recommend a book that I am LOVING right now. I know that some of you are not Twilight fans, but even if you’re not, check out Twilight: Director’s Notebook by Catherine Hardwicke. The design is SO cool. It contains photos, Hardwicke’s “notes” for putting together the movie, sketches, etc. Some have said it’s just another way for her to cash in on the whole deal, but I have to say “Who cares?” It’s truly too incredible for me to care...You should at least seek it out in the bookstore and thumb through it.

There WILL be a giveaway here soon and an online class! Yes, I will be doing a class. I want to make it affordable and timely...I’ve been writing it out here and there and hope to have more about it soon!

Have a great Memorial Day. Please remember our fallen heroes and all those who’ve served to give us our freedoms.