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More randomness

Forgive me but I love doing these flickr mosaics:


1. owl.medicine.mandala, 2. Wedding Samples, 3. :: a sacred sort of protection ::, 4. "The Minotaur Felt Misunderstood", 5. Day 181: The Simple Life, 365 Days of Being 30, 6. growingup, 7. owl doodle, 8. what's done is done., 9. fox hug, 10. June 2009 Journal Pages, 11. planter-of-cupcakes, 12. prairie1

Blogs I am LOVING right now:

Every Life Has a Story

My Life as a Bunny

I Dream High

365 Days of Being 30

Doodlers Anonymous

Speaking of doodling, The Doodle-Off has a winner: Julia Da Rocha. Julia reached 150 doodles a couple of days ago...But it’s not over yet. I still have to reach 100 by July 1 to be included in the special book.

I have been working on an art journaling workshop for you all and I’ve got most of it written. Now I need to work on the visuals, so I’m hoping to have it available in a couple of weeks. Looks like it’ll  be a 10-week workshop for $15. You’ll receive a prompt a week...I will be releasing more details real soon!

Art Journal tip of the day: Open your art journal and you will open yourself up to more ideas...

Extra tip: Your art journal is your buddy, your pal, your BFF. It will only share your secrets if YOU want it to.