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The Doodle-Off

I continue on in The Doodle-Off, but am struggling to keep up. Front runners are at about 125 doodles, basically at break-neck speed. These are master doodlers I’m among!

In case you haven’t been checking The Doodle-Off blog (and you should, i.e., MUCHO inspiration), I am including some highlights from my doodling. Notice how I’ve stuck with black pen...just can’t stop doodling in black. Oh, and the faces? Don’t laugh...I don’t do many faces and need to do more...



The thing I like most about doodling is you can do it anywhere. I’ve seen online workshops on doodling techniques. Are you serious? There’s really no RIGHT way to doodle. It’s drifting, it’s wandering. I doodle while watching TV. Like below:



Doodling on denim takes me back to high school.


Have a great Wednesday!

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