Dawn DeVries Sokol


The London Fog


Well, we’ve finally got our plane tickets for London/Dublin. We’re actually going and I can’t believe it. I’m already slipping into what I call “The London Fog”, where I muddle through the day with my head in London. That happened to me when I returned from a 10-day trip in 2002. For weeks, I just thought about London. I was obsessed. And it’s happening again. I’ve been obsessing over places I want to go...even charting them out on a map and trying to figure out routes.

I sent out an e-mail to my England contributors of 1000 Artist Journal Pages. I would like to meet up with them. But I’m nervous there may not be enough interest. Of course, I don’t have a lot of time in London anyway, so that will mess with planning a meet-up. We’ll see...

Working on finishing up 100 doodles for The Doodle-Off. I have about six more to go for tomorrow, but I’m kinda stuck. Feeling tired.

And I need to think about a journal for London, the visuals for the art journaling workshop titled The Art Journal Stimulus Project, and my kids’ book. Yikes!