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Some truly random thoughts I’ve been having as of late:

1. What is UP with the Blythe doll obsession? It really doesn’t make sense to me, though I never really was into dolls when I was a kid either...Could someone please explain it to me?

2. I’ve been making dinner EVERY night this week. Unusual. It’s funny how I go in spurts on certain things: domesticity, creativity, procrastination.

3. I really need to explore other avenues right now. But it all takes so much TIME and research!

4. The doodling has replaced full-on art journaling lately. Which bothers me. I LOVE to doodle, but want to get back to the art journal and play with paints, collage, etc. Need to make time for both.

5. Which leads to: getting off this damn computer, or at least, STOP hanging out on Twitter and Facebook. SUCH time suckers. I know this is why the two items above have been neglected.

6. Thinking of you, my readers. This move to dblogala.com hasn’t brought everyone over yet. And I want to jazz this blog up. *SIGH*

 7. Fiber is really on my mind. Stitching, crochet, and sewing. I even have a cool stack of fabric sitting on my drawing table...Need to play with it.
8. I wish I could sleep better. This week has been laden with insomnia. Doesn’t help when your next-door neighbors decide to have a loud gathering on their patio at 1 a.m. on a school night.

 9. And to top it all off: I’m STILL waiting on my kids’ book manuscript, which I want to get moving on so I can share more of it with you. My editor hasn’t been able to get to it because of all the other titles she has to manage for the spring season. It’s supposed to publish Fall 2010...I hope that happens!

What are YOU pondering today? I really want to know!

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