Dawn DeVries Sokol



Journalfest_bug Hello! I am gearing up for Journalfest in Port Townsend, WA, Oct. 21-25. I cannot wait! I’ve realized I should make some trades, so I’m trying to figure out what those will be. Are you going? If not, what’s keeping you? Money, time, lack of confidence? Money could have kept me, but I didn’t let it. Yes, I should probably save my money since there’s been less of it coming in this year, but I value my art journaling. Personally, I think it’s a great deal for what you get out of it. If you’re just starting out with journaling and you’re a bit uncertain, no worries! Everyone attending is SO helpful, encouraging, etc...And there are usually ALL skill levels of students at Teesha’s retreats. The accommodations are a step above camping...minimal rooms and shared showers, but who cares? It’s still way better than sleeping in a tent. The workshops Teesha chooses to offer at her retreats are always STELLAR. I’ve attended Artfest six years in a row, this being the first year I didn’t go. I had to make a choice between Artfest and Journalfest and was ready for more of a focus on journaling. So I sold my Artfest spot and made plans for Journalfest. Someguy of the 1000 Journals Project will be there, along with Andrea Kreuzhage who made the documentary of the same name. There WILL be a showing, and as someone who’s seen it and purchased the DVD, I must say, I am looking forward to seeing it at Journalfest. I’m hoping that some of the 1000 Artist Journal Pages contributors will be there as well...maybe we could have a meetup? Please let me know if you’d like to!

I also need to work on a few different things this week, one of which is The Art Journal Stimulus Project. I need to work on a few more pages and get the group PUMPED UP!

Hope you’ve all had a GREAT weekend...