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Word of the Day: GO

Img117 I’ve been thinking the last couple of days of how I am the master of procrastination. There are SO many things I’ve been meaning to do...One of them being reinvention. I really wish to reinvent what I do...not COMPLETELY because I LOVE designing books, but expanding my horizons to accommodate new possibilities and allowing new doors to open. Doing this will require much learning, researching, and experimenting. I also have a couple of new book ideas for different publishers and need to work on those.

All the little matters I’ve put off will need to be tended to. I’ve drawn up a list this morning. September will be a month of renewal. Usually I shut down in September. I don’t know why...it could be that I am waiting for new assignments. Waiting for the Arizona heat to start it’s seasonal leave. Maybe it’s the reminder of 9/11 and all that happened afterward in that fateful fall. I can become a bit melancholy. But not this year. I’ve realized that in order to accomplish some of my goals, I need to get rolling NOW. It will be a domino effect if I don’t.

Some of my procrastination tactics involve TV watching and internet surfing. I intend to pare down the time I spend doing those. Nothing good comes of either activity. And if I am watching TV, I WILL be working on something while I do. Internet surfing can either inspire or bring me down. I get bummed when reading about others’ accomplishments and successes (I AM happy for them, but a bit jealous, too!). I KNOW that if I were to get off my duff, I could accomplish something as well. Then I beat myself up over it. A very bad cycle to fall into!

And even though I DO art journal, I intend to turn to it MORE for inspiration and idea-spawning. I also hope to inspire YOU more, my DEAR blog readers. I am SO appreciative of your comments and support. I want to return the favor by turning up the volume here...I hope to do so!

May September be a time of renewal for us ALL!

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