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I’ve been thinking about submitting a teaching proposal to Art Unraveled next year, but something’s stopping me. So I threw the question out there on Twitter: to teach at retreats or online...When just one of my followers said “online please” I immediately knew what to do. Only took one person to make me realize I want to develop workshops for ONLINE. I’ve had fun with The Art Journal Stimulus Project and online is a great way to reach MORE peeps. Plus, I think a lot of the workshops I could do are more prompt-driven, which might work better online. So, online it is...

Showing another page in progress:



And over the weekend, Hubby took me to the Big House. No, not jail! University of Michigan! For the big Notre Dame/Michigan game...it was a GREAT time! I'm LOVING the different camera apps for my iPhone!


Coming back home through Chicago (skyline WAY off in the distance):


Have a great Monday!