Dawn DeVries Sokol


Guess What and Other Stuff

So many things happening right now...More opportunities presenting themselves. Sometimes I really do feel like I’m fooling everyone, like I’m not deserving of the great things that are occurring lately. And of course, it’s really just work stuff that is going REALLY well.

Most of the good news I’ve gotten is stuff I can’t spill just yet. I’m bursting to tell you, but it’s not possible at this point. I do have something I can show you little-by-little. Hopefully, I can show you the full piece by the end of Feb.


I know...it’s a teaser. I’ll keep pulling off chunks of the black to show more in the next couple of weeks...I also wanted to share with you some link love:

When Jeannine Peregrine (an art journaler, blogger and contributor to 1000 Artist Journal Pages) announced she was quitting blogging, I was really bummed. I love her art and her overall sense of style. So when she recently started a new blog, I jumped for joy! Go check it out.

I love the art of paper cutting. Finding blogs written by those artists who achieve this fantastic medium is a total delight. Two recent ones I’ve found: Scherenschnitte and Made by Julene. Both are GLORIOUS!

Theo Ellsworth, a brilliant artist and teacher, has a blog!

And even though the blog of illustrator Gustavo Aimar is written in Spanish, it’s a delight to “read”. His illustrations are GORGEOUS!!!

Oh, and I know you’ve been awaiting with bated breath:


More soon! Thanks for stopping by!