Dawn DeVries Sokol


A Little Scattered

Traveljournalsneak1 Feeling a bit scattered the last couple of days. Have MUCHO work to do this month and next. Many book design projects on my plate. A couple of really COOL opportunities that I can’t talk about just yet. (Still shaking my head in disbelief over both...) I’m SO happy I have so much work, yet there’s one problem. I finished my {12.31} journal and now need to start working in a new one. Some of my journals, including my ledger journal which I LOVE working in, are out trying to drum up more opportunities. What’s a girl to do?

Plus, I’ve got a few ideas for a new online workshop. Just need to figure out which one is worthy of development. Hmmm... Maybe I could elicit YOU to help?

In the comments section, please tell me what you’d like to see from my next workshop. What do you want to learn? Your comments ALWAYS guide me to come up with an answer!