Dawn DeVries Sokol


Back at It

Back to the craziness...back to the second-guessing, the questioning, the procrastinating, the exploration...I went through this when I created Doodle Diary. I thought it would be easier the second time around. Boy, was I kidding myself.

Right now I’m trying to get some pages together for my editor to show what’s in my head. Above, art that may or may not be in the next book. First I like them. Then I don’t. Then I like them. Then I don’t. Amazing what your head can do to you! Trying to get more urban and edgy. *SIGH* Yesterday was productive: a full day of painting and playing, but then a headache that stopped me dead in my tracks. I’m sure the next few weeks will be insane!

Above, postcards I had made for the promotion of Doodle Diary. I’m happy with the way they came out!

And I’m getting so many cool entries for the bookmark contest! So much doodling talent out there! I will post all of them and then pick a winner. Deadline for entries is Friday!