Dawn DeVries Sokol


Going Rogue (Not Really)

Happy Thursday to you all! Is it REALLY Thursday already?

So much going on right now...so much to tell. My mother-in-law, who's been in and out of various hospitals since her open heart surgery at the beginning of June, has finally been given the green light to go home in the next couple of weeks! I’m excited for her. She sounds like her old, sparky self, which I missed!

My mom’s house was damaged in the recent thunderstorms that rolled through here. We’ve had some CRAZY weather. Fortunately, SHE’S OK and that’s all that matters to me!

I’m TRYING to get stuff done. Trying to get a jump on all I need to do. Been mulling over the look of the next Doodle book. Getting ideas and the blog together for {12.31}. (Last day to sign-up is tomorrow!) Prepped my Journalfest journal yesterday:

Some BIG possibilities in the works for Doodle Diary. Keeping my fingers crossed and trying to not let my hopes get too high. We’ve sold over 11,000 copies already! Don’t forget about the bookmark contest to win a copy of Doodle Diary. You doodle a bookmark and enter...it’s REALLY simple!

Lots of thoughts whirling in my head...Maybe it’s time for a walk.