Dawn DeVries Sokol


NaNoJouMo 2010 Day 1

I’m completely overwhelmed by the response to NaNoJouMo 2010! So many of you are still commenting to say you’re “in”! There’s no OFFICIAL sign-up, just your commitment to art journaling every day of November. (For the complete background on NaNoJouMo, go here.)

I want to make sure it’s clear: NaNoJouMo isn’t about creating a whole page a day. It’s about ART JOURNALING every day. There’s a huge difference. Even if you just draw a line in your journal one day, that’s art journaling. I don’t care about quantity as much as the actual practice of art journaling. That’s what this event is all about—opening your art journal every day and doing SOMETHING. Write the word, paint some pages, collage, ANYTHING. Your practice that day doesn’t even have to have anything to do with the word I present. There are NO rules in art journaling, therefore there are NO rules with NaNoJouMo.

So with that said, on with the show: