Dawn DeVries Sokol


New Year, New Art

New art to hit the world soon! I’ve been working on workshop proposals for retreats, ideas for online workshops, proposals for articles, and thinking of a third possible Doodle book.

I’m halfway through Doodle Sketchbook, sending half of the interior pages and some cover roughs to my editor this week. I’m sure there will be revisions here and there but I am really LOVING what I’m doing with this one. I did have some reservations at first. A major block hit while I was trying to work on the interior to send half of it by Oct. 15, so I got a bit stonewalled. Fortunately, my editor is understanding and we revised our deadlines. I need to get the rest of it to her by Feb. 1. I feel like this book has helped take my journaling to a different level. It’s all good.

As for Doodle Diary, did I mention we’ve hit 17,000 sales??? SO incredible! Thank you to all who’ve purchased a copy, and if you haven’t, please help me hit 20,000! Sales have slowed a bit on Amazon, which I’m sure is partly because of the after-Christmas lull, but it was bound to slow down a bit anyway.

Anything you want to see on D’blogala? I like to ask this question once in a while, just to make sure you’re happy with my posts. Please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!