Dawn DeVries Sokol


My Year in Journaling

On her blog, Heather Smith Jones posted her year in pictures. So I thought it would be good to post about my year through my art journal pages and related photos:

I started out with a Daily Doodle, but it didn’t last long. I’d like to try it again starting Jan. 1.


The end of February found us in DisneyWorld:


February and March pages melded together:


April found us back in Florida, this time for the shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral:


In May, I headed to NYC with Tracie Lyn Huskamp for Surtex:

I also traveled to Colorado to shoot a DVD workshop for Interweave and Cloth Paper Scissors!



In the summer months of June, July, and August, I hibernated:

 I also tried some PoGo experiments in my idea journal:


In August, I celebrated my book launch:

And I went to teach at CREATE in Chicago, so I prepped by listing stuff to-do beforehand:


In September, I focused again on simply doodling in a journal Sammie Kira made for me as I tried to deal with designing my next book, Doodle Sketchbook:


I also turned to my own copy of Doodle Diary for some free doodling: 


In October, I struggled with working on Doodle Sketchbook and took a welcome break to travel to Journalfest. I prepped a Moleskine with colors of the pens, markers, and crayon colors I already had so I wouldn’t buy a duplicate while in the Dick Blick Seattle store:

I also turned the Journalfest confirmation packet into my Journalfest journal:


November was the beginning of the {12.31} Art Journal E-workshop, so I began to gather and build my journal for that:

Tried to get you to journal with NaNoJouMo:

And began to doodle on the bike I received for my birthday (I know it’s not a journal, but I had to throw it in!):


December journaling has been all about {12.31}, proposals for next year’s workshops, ideas for online workshops, and looking ahead to my next book:


Hope your new year is full of joy and peace! Thank you for continuing to read my blog...I appreciate all your kind words, comments, questions, participation, and everything you do. You make it worth it!