Dawn DeVries Sokol



I have so much work to do before going on vacation next week...Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls needs some tweaking here and there. Keep your fingers crossed that it gets done!

Some more Doodle Soup for you:


I thought I would drop some link love here today since I figured you’re getting a little weary of the strip tease lately...

How ’bout a little doodly thread love at Feeling Stitchy?

Norwegian Food (Illustrated by an Italian): so COOL! Love the drawings of all the different food...I need to take some definite tips from this one...

A daily doodler...and she does it WAY better than I do!

Recipe Look, where recipes are shared VISUALLY!

Miss Herzfrisch blog, which I know is in German, but you can go to Babelfish.com and have it translated for you...Love her visuals.

I’ve been loving even more German and Dutch blogs lately. They got it going on with art journaling, doodling, and scrapping. 

One of my fave art journalers, Anna Denise, decided to take her blog from Dutch to English. Yay! Now I don't have to translate it on Babelfish...thanks, Anna!

I do find the other languages fascinating, though. I’m always intrigued to see what words translate and what words do not...Been thinking about trying to learn Dutch, since it is part of my heritage! I’ve been told my grandfather was born ON the boat from Holland to the United States!

Happy Wednesday!