Dawn DeVries Sokol


My Big Blur of 2010

I need to start Doodle Soup again. The whole project sort of collapsed while I was working on Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls corrections before I left for DisneyWorld. For some reason, I haven’t been able to get it going again. I even took the Doodle Soup Moleskine with me to Disney, but never worked in it. It may have been a combination of doodle exhaustion and a desire to get back to regular art journaling, which I did. This is where I left off:


Nice, huh?

I’m in somewhat of a nothing place right now. Ever have that? It may be the creative side of my brain gathering itself back up after a whirlwind of projects in Jan. and Feb., which culminated in a flurry of Doodle Diary insanity before leaving for a vacay. Who knows? It could be the cold/flu I’ve been dealing with since I got back. The disappointing Photoshop seminar I took part in last Wed. that I felt I could’ve taught myself. Lucy’s surgery on her back leg and her teeth cleaning, which resulted in the extraction of a back tooth that was badly infected. Ick. She’s doing well, by the way...She always bounces back easily. Maybe it’s the studio that desperately needs to be cleaned out, making itself impossible to work in right now. I’m not really sure. All I know is I’m in a stalemate, a quandary. You’d think I’d be refreshed, ready to take on anything after the vacay. No. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work that way due to issues I can’t discuss here. Here is a half spread resulting from that trip:


All I can say right now is: Rock on, Minnie. Rock on.